Sauna & Wellness

Our Sauna and Spa Area

Discover our small but fine wellness area

At our cosy, 66 m2 sauna and spa area on the 3rd floor – overlooking Garmisch-Partenkirchen and taking in our breathtaking mountain views – you can truly relax after an adventurous day out. Take a break and treat your body as well as your soul.

Our Finnish sauna helps you detox, boosts your immune system and positively affects your cardiovascular system.

Colours hugely influence body and soul.

The skin, our largest sensory organ, absorbs up to 80 percent of colour radiation, as tests with blind people have shown who were not able to see the colours but feel them! Colour radiation even reaches inner organs such as the lungs, the heart and the brain. A mere 20 percent of the colour stimuli reach the brain via visual nerves.

The changing colour light penetrates deeply into the tissue. The skin cells take in the colour oscillations’ various wavelengths and convey these stimulations to the brain. There they are being transformed into actions and emotions. On top of that, specific metabolic products are being generated in the bloodstream that are vital for bodily function.

Colours and their effects

RED – Colour of vitality. Boosts production of red blood cells, stimulates breathing, rejuvenates skin and glands, revives the senses.
YELLOW – Most optimistic and bright colour. Stimulating for glands and brain, skin-toning and rejuvenating; highly suitable for anti-wrinkle treatment.
GREEN – Colour of nature and springtime. Soothing and balancing; promotes cell and tissue regeneration.
BLUE – Cool, pure and deep colour. Constricts blood vessels; anti-inflammatory effect. Strengthens nerves; known to help with insomnia.
PURPLE – Mixed light of blue and red. Gives mental strength, inspires, stimulates lymphatics; revitalising and detoxing.
ORANGE – Mixed light of red and yellow. Overall positive effect; gland-stimulating; invigorates lung tissue, accelerates cell repair.

Would you like to have a go? We will be pleased to heat our sauna for you anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Enjoy!
At reception you can rent a bathrobe for 5 €. Sauna towels you will find inside the spa area.

Please note: Use of the sauna is entirely at your own risk.