Leisure in Garmisch – a great experience for body and soul


The lush alpine landscape with its multicoloured flora and fauna is dominated by mountains like
Alpspitze, Wettersteingebirge and, of course, the impressive Zugspitze, Germany's highest peak. In spring and summer, one can take wonderful walks and go on hiking tours through the blooming pastures, passing rivulets and remote hills.

Mountain bike- and Bicycle-tours

The beautiful Werdenfelser Land is just perfect for being explored by bike. We will be happy to organise guided day- or half-day-tours for you, including a picnic, if desired. And of course you can hire bikes and mountain bikes from us (reservation necessary!).

Nordic Walking

This gentle, efficient sport is a veritable fountain of youth for body and soul. Training in unique scenery suits all age groups. It strengthens shoulder- back and chest muscles.


Let experienced skating teachers give you a thorough introduction into this wonderful sport. After that you can get some practical experience in gorgeous surroundings.

Cat-Sailing on Walchensee

Because of its thermal winds, lake Walchensee is often compared with Lake Garda and is one of the best and most beautiful surfing and sailing resorts in Germany. The mountains Jochberg, Herzogstand and Karwendel are surrounding the turquoise waters of the 200 metres deep lake. The thermal wind usually starts between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and lasts until 4–6 p.m., reaching a wind strength of about 3 to 5 Beaufort. Ask for our classes offered!


If you want to see the landscape from a different perspective or if you want to experience a bit of adventure on the local rivers, we recommend a comfortable boat trip for the whole family or the more challenging rafting-tours for ambitious sports aces. You have a choice between the following offers:
• Tiroler Ache (half/full day incl. barbecue)
• Imst gorge (half/full day 2x Imst)
• Tösend gorge and Imst (full day)
• Sanna and Imst (full day)
• Ötz and Imst (full day)
All offers address swimmers only and require a minimum number of six participants. We will be happy to organise a bus transfer back to the starting point for you.

Kayak-/ Canoe-Trips

The rivers surrounding Garmisch offer lively segments as well as gentle, calm waters, on which you can enjoy the view over gorgeous landscapes. A pleasure for all senses!


How about this: get the guts and fulfil your dream of flying – either as climax of a 1-2 day introduction course or doing a tandem-jump.


The adventure starts as soon as the balloon lifts off the ground. Only the wind will determine the destination of the voyage. You're floating majestically between heaven and earth, far away from daily routines and problems of everyday life, which from up there appear as little as the landscape below your feet.


You have 18 golf courses within reach – all of them can be reached in less than one hour by car from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Right around the corner there is the beautiful golf course Burgrain (5 km from Garmisch-Partenkirchen). Ask us for details.


Work out and relax at the gym. Here you can follow your individual fitness plan – or you can take it easy.